Consultancy work includes:

  • Premier League

  • Uefa

  • Indonesian Football League (see video below)

  • Asian Football Confederation (UAE, Indonesia)

  • Bundesliga

  • Dugout

  • USA Swimming

Director of Content

GO-JEK Traveloka Liga 1

Season 1 - 2017

I was engaged by the sponsors to accelerate performance in digital and social media for the Indonesia Football League. This involved managing multiple stake-holders (including two content agencies), regular trips from London to Jakarta and then travelling to games all over Indonesia.

This League was reformed after a two-year hiatus. Therefore this was a 'standing start'. Achievements in six months:

  • 810,000 reach across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

  • Devised content plan for non-matchday events

  • Led content teams on shoots on many locations in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Sulawesi

  • Advised on television deal - domestic and overseas

Season 2 - 2018

Travelled the breadth of the country to visit 15 Liga 1 clubs rolling out digital/social media transformation programme. This received significant praise from major clubs after they started to enact recommended changes.

  • Led content teams creating branded content for title sponsor.

  • Generated original and popular ideas for ‘character content’ on shoots despite significant challenges on location.

  • Led social media strategy. Year-on-year reach up 3x, engagement up 3.5x.