John Cross: 'Scufflers', social media and Gareth Southgate

John Cross: 'Scufflers', social media and Gareth Southgate

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John Cross is one of the best story-getters currently working in British sports journalism.

As Chief Football Writer for the Daily Mirror, he was in Russia reporting on the World Cup when he chatted to Sport: Digital and Social.

We spoke in the first week of the tournament and there was much to discuss: covering England, the Panama team-sheet story, a new media approach for the Three Lions, social media, his career and the industry in general.

Apologies for the sub-standard audio in places.


2.00 The excitement of covering England in a World Cup

3.15 The change of press/team relations in the England camp. The all-time low in 2014. The significance of the darts tournaments

4.45 The media confidence of Gareth Southgate 

6.15 Following the NFL's example over access

7.40 The two early tests: the Danny Rose depression story and the team-sheet vs Panama

9.50 How the media access works at the World Cup

11.30 The wider issue of media ‘supporting the team’ or writing a negative story

12.52 Spanish, Argentinean and Belgian media over the same issue 

13.38 How social media is a 'media in its own right' at this World Cup. The visibility of social media v the abuse meted out 

15.15 How his approach to replying on social media changed over the years

17.15 The Raheem Sterling issue and were certain papers ‘targeting' him 

17.55 How digital newspapers have increased a journalist’s workload 3x or 4x

19.20 The change to tweeting teasers rather than giving the story away

19.51 The skillsets of a journalist in the modern era

21.23 Why he embraced Twitter early

22.45 Why charm is the most important skill in a journalist’s toolbox

25.11 The fundamental importance of the right to reply

26.34 "My name is John Cross and I am a scuffler"

28.24 The definitions of Scuffler and Duke… and Grand Duke

29.35 Can a sports news reporter become a columnist?

31.20 The current state of story-getting 

32.04 The concept of a reporter just monitoring the social media feeds 

33.31 The process of writing a sports book and fulfilling a life-long ambition

37.02 Why newspapers are NOT dying

38.50 Paid-for newspapers v Free newspapers 

39.57 The problems retaining the special treatment for newspapers. How the Spanish media and the English media had different approaches to the Champions League final

42.35 Why newspapers still set the agenda

44.10 Is journalism a trade or a skill?


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