David Murray 2: Who won the race for the Premier League TV title?

David Murray 2: Who won the race for the Premier League TV title?

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It's sod's law. You produce an in-depth podcast on TV rights and then someone drops a digital bombshell a week later


When I spoke to former head of BBC Sports Rights David Murray about the current market for the Sport: Digital and Social podcast, little did I know that the Premier League were just about to announce that Amazon had made their much-anticipated move into football.

Then there was more on BT, Sky and the departure of the Premier League's executive chairman Richard Scudamore.

It was worth a revisit so here's an updated podcast specifically on Premier League rights deal 2019-2022.


3.00 The winners and losers

  • Sky - more game, less money, reaffirming their grip
  • BT - different packages, cost-per-game, pick
  • Amazon - the strategic importance of their two packages, importance for advertisers
  • Premier League - a correction not a trend

7.00 The cliffhanger at the end of this round of EPL rounds

7.30 Richard Scudamore's departure and its effects

8.15 Gavin Patterson's departure at BT Sport

9.00 What could open the door for the FANG groups

9.45 The change in the distribution of international rights. "It's inevitable the big clubs are going to get bigger"

12.15 Has this has been a scare story given the relatively small-scale change in distribution (at the moment)

14.20 Why David would not have given up these rights

15.10 Sky's focus on an increasingly "small basket of sports"

18.15 Moving to a 'big moment' strategy

19.40 Amazon Prime - how the Premier League fits into their overall strategy?

22.15 How that strategy might influence their presentation 

24.15 Why Amazon's entry should worry other OTT players like DAZN and Eleven. 

26.00 Is this a pivotal set of the Premier League rights and will change the competition's foreseeable future?  


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