Giuliano Giorgetti: Re-inventing Inter Milan

Giuliano Giorgetti: Re-inventing Inter Milan

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In late 2017, Inter Milan announced a major innovation in their content capabilities.

The Serie A club hope Media House will be a revolution in the way they tell their story. I wanted to explore the concept a little further so I spoke to Inter’s Media Content Director Giuliano Giorgetti about how this famous old team is trying to change its culture for digital age.

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1.30: Giuliano Giorgetti's background and current responsibilities at Inter

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 8.33.21 PM.png

2.40: Why moving from AC Milan to Inter was a "rock'n'roll" choice

4.10: What is Inter's Media House and why is it so innovative?

6.32: The importance of speed and quality v quantity. The issue of being an "internal agency"

9.10: Giuliano's staff and his responsibilities

10.52: Inter's plans for VR and AR

14.02: The central role of Inter's app within CRM and data

16.45: The level of access and how they use it 

19.04: Why changing a culture is a "tiring opportunity"  

23:30: The internationalisation of Internazionale 

24.42: The specific plan in China

26.04: Why Inter TV is the spearhead for moving into Asia

27.07: Where should content be created? - In Milan or in-market  

28.09: Selling the city of Milan

29.15: Using history to attract future fans

31.58: Is Italian football on the rise again?

35.17: The short-term v long-term plan

36.04: The importance of success on the pitch 

37.01: The business of relationships 

Examples of content created by Inter's Media House


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