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Ben Warren: Can digital media save County Championship cricket?

Cricket, lovely cricket.

England's national sport has been under pressure for many years, with the four-day County Championship widely perceived as the domestic competition in the most precarious position.

However, there has been genuine hope in the blossoming audience for a relatively basic video streaming service synced with the traditional radio commentary.

It is a League-Wide scheme developed by the England and Wales Cricket Board but Somerset CCC have been at the forefront. Digital marketing & communications executive Ben Warren runs the service for the club.

With a controversial new franchise-based tournament starting next season and threatening to take attention from the longer-form game, the pressure is on.

But can digital media really help save county cricket?

Daniel Weston: Founder, European Cricket League

Daniel Weston is a Germany international cricket players with a distinctly Aussie accent. But, having had considerable success growing the sport at home, his love for the sport has inspired him to start the Europe Cricket League. The inaugural event will see the best clubs in France, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Italy and Holland do battle at the La Manga resort in Spain this summer.

The focus will be to serve fans with a predominately digital and social media product, not only because it is cost-effective and modern but the ignorance of the sport by traditional media has forced fans to follow it that way.

Time to explore a new venture whose audience has been entirely overlooked until now.

Nigel Walker: How Guerilla Cricket is thinking outside the commentary box

Guerilla Cricket, and its previous incarnation Test Match Sofa, challenge the long-established norms of broadcasting England's national sport.

This is not the cosy cake-filled commentary box of the BBC. It beers and banter in a basement flat plus humourous, sometimes sweary, jingles at major moments. (You’ll hear a few of those through this podcast).

But real innovation (not just the copying and twisting that content creators constantly do) so often starts at this level and has to fight resistance from those in incumbent positions.

So is Guerilla Cricket a revolutionary new model for live commentary that could be rolled out across other sports? 

Or is it just a hobby that can only exist in its sporting niche?

Listen and then you decide