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Jacqui Oatley: How women in football are raising their voice

Match of the Day is a British institution.

The BBC’s Saturday night football show started in 1964 and still sets the weekly agenda for the sport that dominates the UK and the League that enthralls the world.

So it is incredible to think that it took until 2007 to hear the voice of a female commentator for the first time.

In this podcast, Jacqui Oatley talks to me about the attention see received on the back of that appearance. We also discussed the state of play for women sports broadcasters and journalists in the UK. What is changing, what is not and, as usual, how the social media has changed the landscape.

As you’ll hear, everyone, including me, has a lot to learn.

Egor Kretsan: Zenit St Petersburg - bold, brash and speaking 15 languages

Russian football is undergoing a makeover. It has just hosted a successful World Cup and its club sides are regulars in the latter stages of European competition. The Russian League revealed a radical rebranding last year and its leading club, Zenit St Petersburg, are thinking beyond the serious stereotype into which the country’s persona sometimes falls.

They are creating high polished content, translating it into 15 languages and are not afraid to take on the world’s big teams and major media outlets on social media.

New Media Director Egor Kretsan leads the club’s content strategy. He spoke to me about their approach.

Ben Warren: Can digital media save County Championship cricket?

Cricket, lovely cricket.

England's national sport has been under pressure for many years, with the four-day County Championship widely perceived as the domestic competition in the most precarious position.

However, there has been genuine hope in the blossoming audience for a relatively basic video streaming service synced with the traditional radio commentary.

It is a League-Wide scheme developed by the England and Wales Cricket Board but Somerset CCC have been at the forefront. Digital marketing & communications executive Ben Warren runs the service for the club.

With a controversial new franchise-based tournament starting next season and threatening to take attention from the longer-form game, the pressure is on.

But can digital media really help save county cricket?

Julian Valentin: Rockies, social media and ballpark figures

In terms of digital and social media, Major League Baseball is perhaps the most enigmatic sport in the world.

We are constantly told that America’s pastime is past its prime. It is an ‘aging sport’ that is struggling to hold on to the coat-tails of the major players, NBA and NFL whilst coming under increasing pressure from up-and-coming sports like soccer.

However, MLB Advanced Media and incarnations were at the very forefront of innovation long before other sports started to plough resources into digital and continue to be a leading light.

The Colorado Rockies are not the most fashionable team in baseball but they have built a reputation for quirky interaction and content with personality.

Julian Valentin leads the strategy at Coors Field. With the 2019 baseball season fast approaching we discussed the past, present and future for the Rockies and how the hell his team covers 162 regular seasons games!

Mario Leo: Sports Social Media Trends for 2019

This time last year sports social media analytics expert Mario Leo discussed his reflections on 2017 and his predictions for 2018.

We decided to repeat the feat this year with Mario picking out six major trends.

Given that his company, Result Sports, provides social media data on some of the world biggest football teams, Mario is in a perfect position to predict the next 12 months.

Barry Hearn: Darts, DAZN and Digital

Barry Hearn has been promoting sports for well over 40 years.

As the head of Matchroom Sport, he has revolutionised snooker twice and made his PDC Darts World Championship the second most viewed event on Sky Sports. He managed a stable of boxers in the 1980s and his son Eddie is now guiding the career of world heavyweight king Anthony Joshua among many others.

Now 70, Barry still describes himself as “an accountant from a council estate with a chip on his shoulder”. He still rallies against “the blazers” and still wants to change the sporting world on a daily basis.

John Cross: 'Scufflers', social media and Gareth Southgate

John Cross is one of the best story-getters currently working in British sports journalism.

As Chief Football Writer for the Daily Mirror, he was in Russia reporting on the World Cup when he chatted to Sport: Digital and Social.

We spoke in the first week of the tournament and there was much to discuss: covering England, the Panama team-sheet story, a new media approach for the Three Lions, social media, his career and the industry in general.

David Murray: Finding the cracks in the sports rights market

David Murray is an expert in sports rights.

He led the BBC’s negotiations between 1999 and 2014, sealing deals with almost every major governing body during his time.

Sports rights have always been a contentious issue but now, with social media platforms and new OTT players entering the market, the conversation has taken a very different turn. 

He is an independent, rational and intelligent voice who can put the current sports rights environment (especially its threats and opportunities) in context. 

Jason Chilton: The Fan-Controlled Football League may change sport forever

The Fan-Controlled Football League is like nothing we've seen before.

This competition puts the supporters in charge.. of everything... yep everything.

So many clubs in so many sports see conflict between those in the directors box and those in the stands.

This Arena American Football event merges the two with fans voting for the coach, the signing, the team colours and, most intriguingly, the plays in the game.

It has been called a real-life Madden by its devotees and an unworkable novelty by its critics.

Starting in late 2018, it promises to be an interesting blend of traditional sports, esports, crypto-currency, reality television, crowdsourcing and democracy.

I spoke to Jason Chilton, Head of Football Experience, to understand how this is going to work

Colin Kelly: Launching LA-LAFC

Colin Kelly is Director of Digital at a soccer team who are yet to play a game.

LAFC will kick-off their first MLS season in March 2018. But, unlike most of the recent expansion franchises, they are an entirely new club.

For the content team this one huge blank sheet of paper, when I spoke to Colin, he had barely met the playing staff.

So, how do you create a fresh and engaging soccer tale in Tinseltown, the storytelling capital of the world? Still, LAFC have a star-studded ownership group, a nationally known-coach, a soccer-lovers stadium on the way and soaring ambition

But will they fly in the City of Angels?

Luca Massaro: How to become an award-winning Sports Digital Agency

Starting a sports digital agency is a dream for many people and arguably there has never been a better time set up on your own.

You are your own boss, you can be creative, work in sport and make good money. On the flipside, the responsibility is entirely on your shoulders and, right now, competition is particularly intense.

Luca Massaro took the plunge five years ago when he set up WePlay in London. In this podcast we talk about how he assessed the market before launch, character lessons, how they have had to change their offering, the crucial art of pitching for business and the qualities that brought them the Football Business Agency of the year award in 2017.

Ehsen Shah: Marketing the modern footballer

We are told these days that athletes are “brands”.

Digital and social media has given them unprecedented tools of direct communication. So does that mean you can just find your audience, tell your story, engage your followers and then sponsorship dollars will roll in?

Ehsen Shah, MD of B Engaged, is guiding some major footballers through this particular opportunity/problem.

What they have to do, how they have to act, who they have to listen to and how they react to ‘haters’ or tough times on the pitch?