FI 09: Kim Kurniawan: Football, life and Persib Bandung

FI 09: Kim Kurniawan: Football, life and Persib Bandung


Kim Kurniawan has had a tough road to success as a professional footballer.

The midfielder suffered a couple of career-threatening injuries and had to travel thousands miles away from the country of his birth. However he has battled back to become a crucial part of the squad at Persib Bandung

Right now, he is recovering from a broken leg but he spoke to Football Indonesia about football, life and, of course, Persib Bandung.


We discussed:

1.45 Kim introduces himself 

2.40 His youth career at Karlsruhe in Germany

3.18 His mixed background

4.32 Coping with bigger players in Europe   

3.40 Taking his football seriously over tennis  

5.38 The injury that wrecked his career in Germany 

6.43 Reassessing his life and an unexpected call from Indonesia

7.34 The issue of height and strength in Indonesia

9.32 His grandfather's exploits at Persija Jakarta

10.22 The early years in Indonesia at Malang

11.09 Arriving with Irfan Bachdim 

13.19 The big breakthrough he should have made

14.01 Coping with two injuries before he has even started as pro  

16.24 Signing for Persib Bandung, after playing for Bandung's other club

17.24 The early days with the Persib Bandung fans

19.01 The Bobotoh fans and how their criticism inspired him

20.02 Indonesia, Persib Bandung and social media

21.04 Interacting with supporters

22.05 Being picky over his branding on social media

23.12 Planning for life social media - coaching? business?

25.24 The 2017 season for him and Persib

26.41 The new start at Persib this season and the payback for the supporters

28.43 Can Persib Bandung become title contenders? 

30.07 The key factor in becoming champions in Indonesia

31.52 Playing against Irfan Bachdim, his brother in law

32.45 The need for some controversy-free season in Indonesia

34.31 The requirements to change to need Indonesian football

36.27 His one wish for the 2018 season


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