Ed Latimore: Self-help author, heavyweight boxer

Ed Latimore: Self-help author, heavyweight boxer


In all probability, Ed Latimore is a unique sportsman.

He combines a professional boxing career, with a degree in physics while writing self-help books with titles like “Not Caring What Other People Think is a Superpower”.

It is a strange world, money-orientated, often murky, environment of small-hall boxing, while blogging and writing about the more philosophical aspects of the human condition.

So how does that dichotomy work? How did he handle a crushing first defeat? Did he take his own advice?

After all, Latimore is the only fighter who has written a book on confidence.


0.00 Intro

1.49 Latimore introduces himself

2.45 Why boxing is so far down the list in his introduction

5.44 Latimore’s backstory – self-destructive behavior, alcohol-abuse

8.02 Growing up in the projects in Pittsburgh and then positive peer-pressure

12.56 How he reached elite amateur level despite the hurdles

19.53 Fitting in the military service and the majors in physics and maths.

26.29 Having the self-confidence to start writing about self-help

29.19 The philosophy behind “Not caring about what people think of you is a super-power”

34.18 Managing the ego when you are knocked out in the first round


41.24 Struggling to recover when you have written a self-help book on confidence

46.45 Trying to leverage his self-help, social media audience into his boxing business

49.45 Boxing’s struggles on social media as compared to WWE and UFC. Anthony Joshua’s success on social.

53.34 Working to develop small hall fighters on social media and sell tickets

55.54 The fight between YouTubers KSI v Joe Weller selling out one of the 2012 Olympic boxing venue

58.10 Growing his self-help brand out of the struggles he faces in boxing career

1.02.02  Where he can take his boxing career1.08.45Monetising his content. The economics of his books

1.11.41 His definition of success


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