Digital Sport and SportsBiz Predictions 2017 — List of Lists

This post collating all those digisport review lists was warmly received just before the turn of the year.

So in the vein of give-'em-what-they-want, here's a list of all those prediction pieces that have been published in the few days.

Have a read and give your view in the comment section.


Nice overview of where we are going when we put on those goggles (The Guardian) Will 2017 be the year virtual reality gets real? 

A bit technical but will we see more of these pieces in even more popular sports before long. (Fox Sports) 12 changes the NHL should make in 2017

Will there be more than 17 million game tweets this year? (Mediapost) Super Bowl Marketing: What The Biggest Game Day Will Look Like In 2017 

A shout for Drone Racing here. Hmmmm, not sure. (GlobalSportsJobs) Five Trends of 2017 in Sports Media and Broadcasting 

This is anonymous. Hence the use of the word bloodbath (Digiday) ‘2017’s going to be a bloodbath’: Confessions of a beleaguered independent publisher

20+ Sports Agents Discuss Business Evolution, What's Ahead In 2017 (Forbes)

The confidence of this prediction is bold. “Now for the easiest predictions of the year. With no competition from the campaign trail, NFL ratings will be up double digits next season, nearing 2015 levels." (SportsBusinessDaily) Changes for NFL! Amazon in sports! Hey, it could happen 

Couple of obvious ones here, but the points about Call of Duty and League of Legends are interesting to novices in the market. Like me. (Mashable) 7 things to expect in esports in 2017 

No Sportsgeek, no party. (DigitalSportsDesk)  #SportsBiz – Our Ever-Evolving List of Sports Podcasts for ’17

2017 - The year Twitter brings internet live broadcasting to the main stream (DigitalSport)

What to Consider in #SMsports in 2017 (SocialNSport)

How many more major football teams will follow this ownership trend in 2017? (Policy Forum) The Chinese are coming

An interesting if, US-centric list. (SportsTechie)  #SportTechieTrends: 80+ Industry Experts Share The Top Sports Technology Trends And Innovations To Watch In 2017

Looking for a new job for the New Year? (SBI) Key tips for career success in 2017

High-level general view that covers the major bases (EConsultancy) Social media in 2017: What do the experts predict? 

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