Sportsbiz and Digisport - list of lists for 2016

So I was a little late to the party.

Sitting down to write my witty list of well-remembered or best-forgotten digital sport moments in 2016 the realization dawned. I was Pete Conrad.

Who was Pete Conrad? 

Let's just say he was third in the line after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

The next best thing was to intelligently curate the efforts of others. And that is what I have done. There are some clever people out there.

But before you dive in, two points of order.

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Secondly….errr…I’ll do my own 2017 digisport predictions too. Can’t afford to miss another party.

Anyway, enjoy!

Nice from Nielsen. But where is Steph Curry? Most Marketable athletes in 2016

On Twitter in the UK, the Eurovision Song content was bigger than Brexit and Trump (Marketing Week) England’s Euro 2016 defeat most tweeted TV moment of the year

The 2016 #Sportsbiz Year - Seeds of Change? (David Fowler)

He may not have Twitter or Instagram accounts but this Cleveland Cavalier is the snap happy. (USA Today) Richard Jefferson won Snapchat in 2016

The top ten shared soccer posts on FB were all by Real Madrid, Barca and Man Utd… except for one (Newswhip) 2016’s Top Sports Teams on Facebook

Love the DareToZlatan persona. As long as he keeps delivering enough spectacular moments on the pitch, he’ll own that entire arrogant-humorous space. (EConsultancy) 10 great sports digital marketing campaigns

Lessons Learned in Social Media + Sports in 2016 (SocialnSport)

The hype cycle of Football Digital Business in 2016 ( 

Is the Ringer sacred or a sacred cow? What Went Viral in 2016 — and Where Is It Now?

It’s a legal requirement that every digital sport article has to mention esports. Box ticked thanks to Mashable 2016's 10 best moments in esports

Forbes’ Top 50 Must-Follow #SportsBiz Twitter Accounts Of 2016

The music industry is the sister of sport in my opinion. Lessons to be learned here. (Marketing Week) Music marketing: How artists pushed the boundaries in 2016

Antonio Brown, Von Miller highlight best sports commercials of 2016 (NY Daily News)

Love Sportstechie. Not a big fan of the methodology of this list but others were Most tech savvy teams in 2016

Nice US focussed list, bad title. 10 Red Hot Soccer Marketing List (GiltedSoccer)

A few general, but related lists, too!

The Most Engaging Instagram Posts From Brands in 2016 (Adage)

Facebook, Google, consolidation: What drove media deals in 2016 (Digiday)

YouTube in 2016 was all about viral challenges (Engadget)

50 best podcasts of 2016 — not just sports one (The Atlantic)

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* Remember that list of lists of sportbiz and digital sport predictions for 2017 will be in the first edition of my newsletter. Sign up here.