Nick Callow: How to run a sports news agency

Nick Callow: How to run a sports news agency


Nick Callow is the Managing Director of HaytersTV, one of the most famous sports news agencies in the UK and breeding ground for a host of high-profile journalists.

A generation ago, they supplied ‘stringers’ and researchers, going to far-flung grounds on wet Wednesday nights to do whatever the newspapers required.

But that was when the FA Cup final was the only game on live television each season, readers poured over the reports of famous writers and the internet had not been invented. 

Now Hayters trade in video more than words and are stepping out from the shadows to develop their own brands.

This is an exploration of how the UK sports media has changed since the start of the internet generation, how Hayters have adapted and where they are moving in the future.


What a sports agency does

How the “managed decline” of the newspaper industry has affected their business and the current situation

Nick Callow

Nick Callow

The increasing demand for video in the past decade 

Are words important anymore in sports journalism?

Why the pay problem will lead to a lack of diversity 

Has the route to a national newspaper changed?

The shrinkage of local newspapers

The new approach - making a brand of a sports news agency via YouTube and long-form documentaries

The growth of club media on the sports agency model  

The assistance they had from the growth of fan channels. And might they expand to be accredited media outlets

The importance of relationships in the agency game and playing the long game 

How best to handle scoop  

The new generation of journalists who grew up with social media 

The British system of embargoes and the US system of access  

Gareth Southgate’s success with the media at the World Cup

What type of video content is being ordered from Hayters? 

Has the social media age changed reporting orders from newspapers?

Do you have to be entrepreneurial at an agency 

The model of buying in a star journalist and syndicating 

The differences between US and UK sports journalism models 

The personal qualities and skills needed by young journalists in this era

How video is presented for clients


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Hayters Twitter | YouTube | Website | LinkedIn

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