Kei Koyama: The J.League breaks out

Kei Koyama: The J.League breaks out

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The emerging football leagues around the world might consider the J.League as a model.

Since starting in 1993, it has formed the foundation upon which Japanese club teams have become a force in the AFC Champions League and their national side regulars in the latter stages of major international tournaments. They even co-hosted the World Cup in 2002.

Now, the J.League is looking to expand overseas using digital as a driver.

Kei Koyama

Kei Koyama

Kei Koyama, from their international development department, spoke to me about the past, present and future, including the J.League furoshiki (translated as 'wrapping cloth'). This is a digital asset hub which allows them to create better content quickly and efficiently.

We also discuss the competition’s very different demographics and the strategic importance of the 10-year broadcasting deal with DAZN.


Bringing top talent in Asia to J.League

Why focus on Thailand

How the league helps the clubs sign players. “It’s a bridge between the club and the league”

The impact of the major players coming in Iniesta, Podolski, Torres


The DAZN deal and its strategic role "DAZN is a partner to develop the League together"

The split between free-to-air and DAZN

The ‘furoshiki’ digital asset hub/ consolidating assets in the club and opening up.

Learning for the NBA and other leagues over the use of highlights

The importance of the relationship with the clubs

Why the 2011 earthquake was behind the international expansion strategy

Using tours as a tool for international expansion

The most popular European League in Japan

The possible boost of the Olympics and Rugby World Soccer

Using data from the DAZN dealing

The typical J.League experience and demographics. Has it been planned or organic

The women's league being organized differently

The importance of the national team in the growth of the league and part of being the best team in Asia

The initial vision for 100 pro clubs. How they are looking to expand the leagues

Helping J.League clubs win the AFC Champions League

Japan's general lack of interest in sport

The effect of co-hosting the World Cup in 2002

The type of sponsors attracted to League

The target of winning the World Cup by 2050


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J.League announces its ‘furoshiki’

DAZN, Iniesta and providing a pathway: How J.League is widening its net

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