Misha Sher : The Art of Branded Sports Entertainment

Misha Sher : The Art of Branded Sports Entertainment

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Branded entertainment is one of the most important new components in the content strategy for any sports rights-holder.

Every club, governing body or broadcaster needs partners and, in the digital age, their demands have changed rapidly and dramatically

I wanted to explore this area so I spoke to Misha Sher, whose LinkedIN profile says he’s Worldwide Vice President, Sport & Entertainment at MediaCom.

But he was first introduced to me in his former role as Pele’s agent.

Misha has vast experience in the field and sits on the Entertainment jury at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

He has collaborated with his fellow jurors on a new book called the ‘The Art of Branded Entertainment’.

This podcast is called the Art of Branded Sports Entertainment.


3.30 Misha’s reasons for criticising the state of branded content and entertainment 

“Most of the companies I see in the space lack ambition and imagination… they fail to elevate themselves and tell a story”

“There is a sense that if you win the impressions game you’ll win hearts and minds. That is just not the case.” 

6.20 The definitions of branded content

7.45 Why brands end up producing similar type of content

9.05 Why the Nike advert at the World Cup 98 broke the mould before the term “branded content” existed

12.10 The elements that have to be present in order for content to succeed

12.30 The thorny issue of bravery for sports teams

14.38 Which right-holders are ‘doing in right’

“People expect a different level of access. They want something raw and real. They want to feel the heartbeat of the club”

18.02 Is this so important that it could affect a sport’s future?

19.15 Why all rights-holder are now targeting an “always-on” story

21.15 Where rights-holder need to put their energy and resources

24.05 The trend of setting up rights-holders as media owners and how that transition can be made

25.30 The importance of globalization. How do make someone connected to your club so the difference is not a factor?

27.54 Why VR and AR could be a ‘game-changer for advertisers’

30.25 The platforms – what is working, what is important

34.25  “What happens when you can’t really buy an audience anymore?” The change of the OTT platforms like DAZN and Amazon etc

37.30 Lessons in branded content from the World Cup this summer

40.34 The threat of YouTube channels to mainstream media platforms

42.20 The fascinating success story of Red Bull. The importance of a clear vision

45.00 Why the Red Bull model has not been replicated

48.12 The impending problem of making content for Gen Z

51.30 Misha’s key piece of advice for sports rights-holders – positively exploit your unique position and make the experience great at every touchpoint

53.45 Is winning still the most important quality for a sports team?




Article: Why sport is ‘asleep at the wheel’



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