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Alex Fynn: The 'Spiritual Godfather of the Premier League'* outlines his European vision

The Sunday Times described Alex Fynn as the ‘Spiritual Godfather of the Premier League’. He is uncomfortable with the label but, in many ways, it is an apt description. The marketer and author also had an influence on the inception of the Champions League and he is critical how both conceptions have developed.

Now, Fynn is outlining his proposal for a fully-fledged European League. The concept has been talked about a lot in recent months and, if you believe the revelations in Der Speigel last year, the Continent’s elite clubs are trying to hammer out a format right now. It is fraught with difficulties but, more importantly, is it dangerous to the future of the game?

Jordan Gardner: Growing US soccer players on a foreign field

Increasingly, football clubs come in groups. Wealthy owners have multiple teams in different leagues on different continents. Sometimes there is an obvious vision, sometimes not.

US-based soccer investor Jordan Gardner is taking a different approach. He is leading a consortium that hopes to take over a top-flight Danish club and change their business model. A major part of that is developing talented players from the overseas, primarily the fertile development area of the US, then selling them on to major clubs.

It is a twist on an established approach and the among the first to link the North American game and Europe in such a direct way.

UFF: The future of football fan channels

Football Fan Channels have made a huge leap forward over the last few years. The likes of Arsenal Fan TV and United Stand have started to become essential viewing whether you supporter the club involved or not.

Now, the movement is evolving. Or, more specifically, organising, professionalising and monetising. We are seeing better videos by better presenters on a wider variety of platforms.

They have even moved to our television screens.

Ultimate Football Fan are at the vanguard of this development. I spoke to Managing Partner, Brett Lotriet Best and Rob Walk, from parent company DIG, about this maturing area of content.

Alan Smith: Penalty Box to Xbox via Press Box

Alan Smith has had a long career in English football

But, in all probability, his different achievements have different meanings depending on the demographic of the supporter.

For the over-40s, he is most famous as an unselfish striker for Leicester City, Arsenal and England. The thirtysomethings will recognise Smith from his co-commentary on Sky Sports. However, millennials will know him best as the voice of the video game Fifa.

He has just written a book, Heads Up, charting his career and I wanted to explore his journey from the pitch to the virtual pitch, via the commentary box.

John Dykes: Taking the Premier League to Asia

If you live in Asia and you follow the Premier League then John Dykes will be a familiar face. 

He hosts coverage of the English top flight for Fox Sport Asia out in Singapore.

John is English but has spent the majority of his broadcasting career in South-East Asia. Therefore he is well-positioned to discuss how interest in the Premier League has grown in the past few decades, analyse which leagues are best-placed to compete and also challenge some of the myths about football fans in this part of the world.

Misha Sher : The Art of Branded Sports Entertainment

Branded entertainment is one of the most important new components in the content strategy for any sports rights-holder.

Every club, governing body or broadcaster needs partners and, in the digital age, their demands have changed rapidly and dramatically

I wanted to explore this area so I spoke to Misha Sher, whose LinkedIN profile says he’s Worldwide Vice President, Sport & Entertainment at MediaCom.

Misha has vast experience in the field and sits on the Entertainment jury at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

He has collaborated with his fellow jurors on a new book called the ‘The Art of Branded Entertainment’.

This podcast is called the Art of Branded Sports Entertainment.

David Murray 2: Who won the race for the Premier League TV title?

It's sod's law. You produce an in-depth podcast on TV rights and then someone drops a digital bombshell a week later

When I spoke to former head of BBC Sports Rights David Murray about the current market for the Sport: Digital and Social podcast, little did I know that the Premier League were just about to announce that Amazon had made their much-anticipated move into football.

Then there was more on BT, Sky and the departure of the Premier League's executive chairman Richard Scudamore.

It was worth a revisit so here's an updated podcast on Premier League rights deal 2019-2022.

Call it an extra chapter in our co-authored book on the current field of play