John Dykes: Taking the Premier League to Asia

John Dykes: Taking the Premier League to Asia


If you live in Asia and you follow the Premier League then John Dykes will be a familiar face.

He hosts coverage of the English top flight for Fox Sports Asia out in Singapore.

John is English but has spent the majority of his broadcasting career in South-East Asia. Therefore he is well-positioned to discuss how interest in the Premier League has grown in the past few decades, analyse which leagues are best-placed to compete and also challenge some of the myths about football fans in this part of the world.


2:23 John’s show on Fox Sports Asia

4:27 The way Asians have been patronised by European football. The two stereotypes that persist – hysterical idol-worshiper or shirt-buyer

7:00 The effect of tours on the fandom of those clubs

11:00 Whether different leagues and clubs appeal to different Asian countries

13:01 Why it is so hard to compete with Premier League

13:52 Why the visceral product makes it so different

15.10 Players v clubs – what is more attractive to Asian fans

15:51 Why the Premier League club affiliation is so strong in Asia fans won’t move when major players move clubs like Ronaldo to Juventus

17:58 Using Skype as a broadcast tool

20:37 How John specifically uses journalists as pundits

22:45 The importance of emails from Asian fans

25:10 The angles he uses and does not use for Asian fans

27:49 Which clubs are working hardest to entice Asian fans

30:22 Is China still the hardest market to crack for any sports team?

“I am still not convinced anyone is winning”

33:05 The Indian market for football. Has it made a major shift?

35.56 Where Asian football outperforms the European game.

36.45 “Indonesian fans supporting their local league is so much bigger than their passion for Europe clubs”

37:45 Is it important for Asian players to make it in Europe?

39:40 The Premier League fan parties run for Asian fans. Do they work?

41:14 The approach of the Bundesliga and La Liga to Asia in comparison to the Premier League

43:20 The Premier League TV rights renegotiation suggests overseas revenue are more important to clubs – is this good for Asia?

45:18 The benefit of staging a competitive Premier League (39th) game in Asia in the future

47:04 John’s advice to the Premier League to grow as Asian audience



The John Dykes Show on Fox Sports Asia


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